With many of our workforce migrating to Australia, the steel industry is experiencing a shortage of skilled workers. At the same time high school students are not aware of the opportunities for them in steel construction.

In response to this, Steel Construction New Zealand (SCNZ) has developed a Trades@School scheme which aims to encourage school students into a career in the steel construction industry.

The programme requires commitment from schools, polytechnics and the industry to help raise awareness and excitement among young people to develop their skills for the steel industry.

If you would like more information, please contact John Kotoisuva on 021 636 812.

Students will ...

  • Be seeking to start their careers in steel fabrication.
  • Have covered (at MIT) safety in the work place and an introduction to the basic skills. e.g. welding and cutting.
  • Have the necessary safety equipment.
  • Have a training plan.
  • Have a good attitude.

Companies will benefit by ...

  • A continuous pool of interested yound people feeding into the Steel Construction Industry from the education system.
  • An opportunity to identify and form the next generation of skilled workers at an early stage in schools.
  • Sustainable, quality, efficient and cost effective recruitment.
  • SCNZ will provide a mentoring co-ordinator/support person that can liaise with students schools, MIT, companies and parents.
  • Supported by Ministry of Education, Ministry of Social Development, Manukau City Council, MIT and local high schools.