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Case Studies


PwC Centre, Christchurch

The PwC Centre is a striking new landmark for Christchurch, both day and night. The $30 million, five-storey office building is primarily a steel structure with a composite flooring system. The resilient, lightweight and economic building offers enhanced seismic performance with the use of buckling restrained brace (BRB) technology.

The building is an importance level 3 building, which means it has been designed to 130 percent of the building code to create a safe working environment for tenants and the full case study.

A printable version is available here.


University of Auckland, Science Tower

In 2010 the University of Auckland embarked on a five-year project to upgrade its Faculty of Science buildings. The $290 million redevelopment consisted of the refurbishment and seismic strengthening of two existing buildings, construction of a new link structure, and demolition of two buildings to make way for the new Science Centre Tower.

The result: a state-of-the-art research and teaching facility, and a new entranceway to the the full case study.

A printable version is available here
            7059 Cashel St towards Bridge-344-615-949-63
PwC Centre, Christchurch

UoA Science Tower 11-774-974-644

UoA, Science Tower
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