Steel Advisor

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Steel Advisor is a series of reference articles that are published regularly for subscribers.

The range of topics reaches into pretty much every corner of steel construction. Many of the articles are written by SCNZ staff in response to questions or issues that arise from members enquiries and requests for information. There are also articles from other recognised experts in the various areas.

When you subscribe to Steel Advisor you will receive the Steel Advisor Folder together with all the previously published articles. Then you will receive future articles as they are written so you can update your folder.

Over time we believe that the Steel Advisor will become an essential reference tool in every business that is involved with the specification and use of steel in construction. You will also have access to Steel Advisor Library online allowing you to search and download articles directly from the SCNZ website.

The Steel Advisor database is now able to be viewed without registration. You can now search for documents, and view introductory information without logging in, however to download a document you will still need to register.

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