Structural Steel Procurement in New Zealand

There are three main purchase options for structural steel sections and plates in New Zealand market depending on the project scale. The first and second ex - stock supply options are normally more costly than the third indent supply option because of overhead costs such as handling, storage and financing. Other issues should also be considered such as steel quality levels. Sometimes it is better to pay a little more for quality products from known reputable suppliers rather than risk poor end application performance. There are also fluctuations in demand and supply around the world that can affect availability and price.

Ex-Stock New Zealand

The major merchants (Fletcher Easysteel, H.J. Asmuss, Steel&Tube, and Vulcan Steel) normally hold around 20,000 tonnes of structural sections, 12,000 tonnes of plate. In addition they hold angles, flats and ancillary products required by fabricators. Small volumes ex-stock of structural steel can be purchased directly from these merchants. Delivery is between 1 to 2 days depending on delivery and location requirements.

Ex-Stock Overseas

If the desired structural steel sections and plate are not currently available locally due to low stock levels or because the size is not normally stocked, the merchants would source ex - stock from the major stockists in Australia , Singapore or Hong Kong . Australian steel mills: Onesteel, Bluescope and Smorgon, hold small quantities of many sizes in stock and have sufficient rolling schedules so that the supply can be "prompt". Singapore stockists normally hold up to 80,000 tonnes of structural steel in stock so that most products are available. It typically takes about 4 to 5 weeks from order for delivery to the main ports in New Zealand.

Ex-Mill or Indent

When the required supply quantity of product exceeds the local and overseas ex - stock levels; or when the customer is willing to forgo immediate delivery in favour of indent pricing, then mill or indent supply becomes the third option. The delivery time depends on the mill location and product type. For example, most of main products can be produced within 75 days from order to wharf delivery. This includes such places as Thailand , Korea , Japan , Taiwan and Europe . The delivery is about 4 months overall (14-16 weeks) including the 4 weeks shipping time. However, some products such as structural pipe can be up to 6 months from order to receipt.

Custom welded sections can be sourced within New Zealand (Steltech) within 4 to 6 weeks of order.

New Zealand Merchant Contact Details

H J Asmuss & Co Ltd (9) 573 3441 (9) 573 5590
Steel & Tube Holdings Ltd (04) 570 5000 (04) 566 7971
Alrite Steel & Services NZ Ltd 09 270 2008 09 270 2009

New Zealand Mill Contact Details

Onesteel NZ Ltd 09 820 4048 09 820 4292
Steltech Structural Ltd (9) 267 3875 (9) 266 3080