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The Story of SCNZ

Structural steel construction in New Zealand has undergone a renaissance over the last three decades, following the fallout from the Bank of New Zealand (BNZ) building in the 1980s. However, the strong position of the structural steel sector in 2016 is not a matter of chance but the fruit of a proactive and visionary industry.

During this period, the industry has succeeded in working together for the common good, whilst maintaining healthy competitive tension in the marketplace. Industry body SCNZ - along with its predecessors and HERA – has played a significant role in this success, facilitated by industry’s willingness to finance its representative bodies; and to invest in technology and facilities, resulting in steel’s cost competitiveness compared to other construction materials.

Many of the factors that have brought industry to today’s healthy position will be required to ensure its continued prosperity, and with industry at the heart of the association through its governance structure, SCNZ will continue to play a key role in this success.
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