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Guide to the Use of International Standard Steels with NZS 3404


Structural steels used in New Zealand building and infrastructure projects are typically manufactured to AS/NZS steel standards AS/NZS 1163 (SA/SNZ, 2016a), AS/NZS 3679.1-2 (SA/SNZ, 2016b, 2016d) and AS/NZS 3678 (SA/SNZ, 2016c).

Due to the small size of the local market and manufacturer minimum order quantities, it can be challenging, and in some cases impossible, to source a limited range of AS/NZS steel products including medium-to-large-sized hollow sections, and larger plate sizes and thicknesses.

The New Zealand Steel Structures Standard (SNZ, 1997a) has recognised steels manufactured to EN and JIS standards in addition to AS/NZS standards to address this challenge. 

Read the full guide here.

SCNZ 114-2020-692


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