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SCNZ has launched a series of films bringing to life New Zealand’s contemporary steel industry. The short films, produced by SCNZ and featuring its members sharing their experiences, explore the many benefits of steel, advocate the use of New Zealand steel fabricators and introduce the various career opportunities within the industry.   

 “CHRISTCHURCH THE STEEL CITY – A Blueprint for New Zealand” provides a general overview of the changes that have taken place in the construction industry following the 2011 Christchurch earthquake. The film examines the Christchurch rebuild, explains why the rebuild is providing a blueprint for the rest of New Zealand and tells the story of how SCNZ members are adding value to projects.
Two of the films support the Steel Fabricator Certification (SFC) scheme:

“CERTIFY YOURSELF – The Smart Approach to Steel Fabrication” is aimed at fabricators and explores the benefits of becoming a certified fabricator. In the film, fabricators who have already gone through the certification process explain how straightforward and cost-effective it can be.

“CHOOSE CERTIFIED – Have Confidence in Your Steel Fabricator” highlights why structural engineers, builders and developers should specify our certified fabricators.

“NEW ZEALAND FABRICATORS –Smart Steel Solutions” explores the advantages to structural engineers, builders and developers of using steel fabricators based in New Zealand.

“STEEL YOURSELF FOR A BRIGHT FUTURE” introduces the industry and lifts the lid on the exciting and varied career opportunities on offer within New Zealand’s structural steel industry.
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