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Please see the below links to SCNZ brochures, fact sheets and flyers.

Fact Sheets

Bolt Importer Charter
The Bolt Importer Charter scheme is the latest steel construction industry quality assurance programme. This complements the Steel Fabrication Certification programme launched in 2014 and the Structural Steel Distributor Charter launched in 2019.

Adoption of High-Strength Structural Bolt Assembly Standard AS/NZS 1252:2016
The high-strength structural bolt assembly standard AS/NZS 1252.1 (SA/NZS, 2016a) was revised and republished in December 2016. A companion document, AS/NZS 1252:2 (SA/SNZ 2016b), Verification testing for bolt assemblies, was also published at the time.

Structural Steel Distributor Charter
The Structural Steel Distributor Charter is the latest quality assurance initiative led by the structural steel industry, complementing the Steel Fabrication Certification scheme launched in 2014.

Compliance Checklists
This fact sheet features recommended checklists to assist engineers to establish the compliance of structural steelwork manufactured to AS/NZS 5131 (SA/SNZ, 2016b). The checklists may also be of interest to Building Consent Officials.

Stud Welding
This fact sheet introduces the key process control provisions of the relevant standards and the roles and responsibilities of the various parties associated with the stud welding process.

Fostering Careers in the steel industry
With a shortage of skilled candidates in the trades sector, there is a need to promote structural steel fabrication among young people to showcase the career prospects within the industry.

Compliance Toolbox
This fact sheet contains a list of industry publications that address the sourcing of steel products and fabricated structural steelwork.

Guide to Sourcing Compliant Structural Steels
A fact sheet on the the Guide to Sourcing Compliant Structural Steels publication that will simplify the local practice for demonstrating the conformity of structural steels. The full Guide is available to download here.

A Guide to Working with SCNZ and HERA
Steel Construction New Zealand (SCNZ) and HERA jointly service the needs of the New Zealand steel construction industry.

AS/NZS 5131:2016 Fabrication and Erection of Steel Structures Standard
Overview of the key elements of the new Fabrication and Erection of Steel Structures Standard, how it will be implemented and how it links with the SFC scheme.

Evaluation of Product Conformity
Third-party product certification is a recognised approach for reducing the risk of non-compliant products.

Structural Steel Products Standards 2016
Summarises the key changes to the suite of AS/NZS Structural Steel Product Standards (AS/NZS 1163, 3678, 3679.1-2) and the likely timeframe for the supply of all steel products to the latest revisions.

AS NZS 5131 Fact Sheet-259-757
AS/NZS 5131:2016 Fact Sheet

SFC Brochure-93-826-38
Steel Fabrication Certification (SFC)
for Fabricators Brochure

Commercial Case for Steel Construction Page 1-328
The Commercial Case for Steel Construction booklet
Brochures/Booklets The Commercial Case for Steel Construction
To bring the commercial case for steel construction to life, we've developed a model four-storey office building project based on Auckland and Christchurch construction and rental rates.

The new AS/NZS 5131: Structural Steelwork  - Fabrication & Erection
The new AS/NZS 5131 standard defines best practice for the fabrication and erection of fabricated structural steel in New Zealand. As of July 2018, it is cited in the Building Code as the sole approved document for fabrication and erection. 

FREE Design Support Services - Put the best Steel option on the table
Offers a detailed look at the free Design Support Service offered by SCNZ to help design teams put the best steel options on the table. 

Benefits of Steel
Presents a compelling case for building in steel from both a technical and an economic perspective.  

Steel: the proven performer for a new Christchurch
Aims to educate about the benefits of structural steel solutions in Christchurch's rebuild, particularly in relation to technical merits, the commercial case and design vision. 

Steel Fabrication Certification (SFC) for Fabricators
Outlines the benefits of the SFC scheme, how the scheme works in practice and the steps to certification. 

Steel Fabrication Certification for NZ Specifiers
Promotes the benefits of the SFC scheme and signposts specifiers to online resources for further information.
SFC certified companies can now order customised specifier brochures. Please click here for an order form.

Flyers SCNZ is the voice of New Zealand’s diverse steel industry
Gives an overview of SCNZ's mission and key initiatives.

How-To Guides LinkedIn Guide
Maintaining an active and up-to-date LinkedIn profile is an important way of engaging with your industry peers and reaching a broader audience. This handy guide covers posting content and building your online profile.

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