Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a field fix solution for bent or out of plumb anchor rods?

A: Care should be taken when setting anchor rods to ensure they are plumb. If the rods are not properly secured in the template, or if there is r...

Anchor Rods 05/08/2016
Q: In a built-up I-shaped cross-section, how are welds connecting the plates designed?

A: Assuming that continuous fillet welds are used, the welds may be sized as per the requirement of NZS3404:1997 Table – Minimum size of...

Connections 05/05/2016
Q: What thickness and size of washer is required for the preferred hole diameters in base plates?

A: Hole sizes in base plate may be up to 6 mm larger than the anchor bolt diameter (NZS 3404, Clause  Holes would normally be d...

Connections 11/02/2016