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Steel Estimating

There are a number of steel estimating tool options available:
High Level Tools

STRUMIS and Fabtrol have a place in the market for medium-large companies that have the resources and means to successfully maintain the running of a package of this size. Both packages are developed to work in conjunction with the respective host information management software, so may be of benefit if STRUMIS or Fabtrol are already in use. These are international leading software packages, which is reflected in the cost.  
1. STRUMIS (for fabricators)

STRUMIS is described as the complete management information and production system for every steel fabrication company. It has a steel estimation module called 'STRUMIS Estimating', which is a standalone and ready-to-use enquiry and estimating management tool, designed specifically to meet the needs of estimators in the steelwork fabrication industry. STRUMIS integrates with CAD systems and has various import options. 

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2. Fabtrol (for fabricators)

FabTrol is described as the global leader in steel fabrication management software. It has an integrated estimating module. The software is designed by steel fabricators for steel fabricators. The estimating module allows the user to import a Bill Of Materials from detailing software and manage an estimate's BOM with powerful, yet easy-to-use tools.

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Medium Level Tools
3. Steel Estimator (for fabricators)

Steel Estimator is a UK based software package developed for a leading UK steel fabricator for the sole purpose of estimating structural steelwork projects. Designed by people working within the steel fabrication environment, it is able to import from various 3D packages, and even has a smart-import that can bring in most tabulated or listed data in most electronic formats for quick and simple takeoffs that are subsequently editable and flexible. It is designed to handle subcontract subtrades in addition to steel.

Steel Estimator is considered medium in terms of size, complexity and price. SCNZ has worked with the developer to ensure the package is fit for NZ. It ships with an ‘industry standard’ database to get the user using it quickly after installation.

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Low Level Tools
4. SCNZ Online Estimating Guide (for engineers and quantity surveyors)

SCNZ provides estimating assistance in the form of our Online Estimating Guide. The user gains access to secure web pages offering information and rates relating to work process and handling, supply, connections, coatings, fire protection, transportation, erection, drawings and decking. These are based on a cost per item or cost per unit. These costs have been developed over a long period of time and are extensive. They are similar in format to those presented in QV Costbuilder (formerly Rawlinsons Construction Handbook) and are designed to offer intrinsic cost data for aspects of projects, and not necessarily for constructing costs for an entire project. For this reason, this is not considered a full steel building pricing tool, but is suggested to be used to check individual and small items.

The SCNZ Online Estimating Guide is free to SCNZ Members and can be purchased by non-members. Please click on the tabs above for further information. 

'Alternative' Non-Steel Specific Tools
5. QV Costbuilder 

QV Costbuilder, is a subscription based online database which has taken over from where the Rawlinsons Handbook left off. In terms of structural steelwork, there are three methods of using the QV Costbuilder to ascertain costs for structural steel:
  • Elemental Costs - ‘costs per m2’ of GFA are used to ascertain the final steelwork cost
  • Cost Planning Rates - Rates per type of steelwork used. Multi Storey is split into UBs & UCs and priced per linear metre, where portals are priced per m2
  • Detailed Trade Rates - Rates per tonne based on a broken down buildup
The data in QV Costbuilder has huge variance, and although SCNZ is working with QV Costbuilder to improve accuracy, SCNZ can not vouch for the integrity of the data, so it should be used carefully and at your own risk.
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Product comparison table:

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