In New Zealand, demand for steel construction solutions has grown substantially over the past couple of decades. Today, structural steel’s market share is nearly 70% nationally. Driving this growth is our industry’s focus on innovation, investment and market development.

State-of-the-art workshops

Since 2007, New Zealand structural steel fabricators have invested substantially in high-tech fabrication technology: Grayson Engineering and D&H Steel in Auckland, Pegasus Engineering and John Jones Steel in Christchurch, Red Steel in Napier and Calder Stewart in Milton have all built new state-of-the-art workshops.

This commitment by local fabricators has boosted the industry’s capacity, efficiency and quality. The industry is well placed to satisfy the high demand for prefabricated structural steel, which is now similar to the 2007 peak.

Team work

Collaboration, too, is playing a growing role in the successful delivery of structural steel projects. Christchurch is a good example of New Zealand fabricators working together to deliver significant structural steel projects such as the Grand Central and Bus Interchange.

Market intelligence

Our industry is currently undertaking a steel demand survey and developing a capacity model to ensure we have sufficient supply to meet market demand.

  1. Steel demand forecast: SCNZ regularly surveys structural engineers involved in the design of structural steelwork to collect key project data. The information allows SCNZ fabricator members anticipate demand and make more informed commercial decisions.
  2. Industry capacity model: This annual survey of SCNZ fabricator members offers a clear picture of the size and scale of the structural steel industry across New Zealand.

SCNZ’s Structural Steel Industry Snapshot is a half-yearly report which contains solid data on industry capacity, lead times, market share, etc.