Led by the rebuild of Christchurch and a fast-growing Auckland, New Zealand’s construction industry is experiencing its busiest period in over 40 years, and structural steel is in high demand. Investment in innovative production methods and a modelling tool to match capacity and demand are backing this growth.

Today structural steel’s market share of the national multilevel construction market is more than 50%, and in Christchurch, due to its seismic performance, its share of the multi-level construction market has grown to almost 80%. This us up from virtually nil before the Canterbury earthquakes. The industry’s focus on innovation, particularly in steel fabrication, has driven this growth.

Local industry at a glance

  • Industry capacity is circa 120,000 tonnes of structural steel per annum
  • 80 structural steel fabricators nationwide
  • Six new state-of-the-art workshop built across the country since 2007
  • One independent, expert quality assurance scheme launched in 2014 – Steel Fabrication Certification (SFC)
  • 29 SFC-certified fabricators, and growing.



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