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Steel Innovations 2013

All the online papers from our Steel Innovations Conference 2013 are available via the links below:
A Design Office Approach to Supplemental Damping Using Fluid Viscous Dampers
Pettinga, Oliver & Kelly
Application of seismic loss assessments - Reinforced Concrete or Steel
Thomson, Woodhead, Dhakal, Lin, Yeow & Macrae
AS NZS 2327 Composite Structures - A New Standard for Composite Steel Concrete Building
Base Connections Seismic Sustainability and Base Flexibility Effects
Borzouie, Rodgers, MacRae, Chase, Clifton & Moghadam
Buckling Restrained Braces - Research and Implementation in Taiwan
Tsai, Lin, Wu & Chuang
Buckling Restrained Braces - Standards Developments and Innovative Applications
Case Study - Elevate Apartments - A Rocking 15 Storey Apartment Building
Tait, Sidwell & Finnegan
Characterisation of Velocity Effects, Corrosion Coatings and Shim Materials on Initial Performance and Degradation of Sliding Steel Friction Connections
Causse, Rodgers, Chase, Chanchi, MacRae & Clifton
Cold-Formed Steel Columns Subject to Local Buckling at Elevated Temperatures
Gunalan, Bandula Heva & Mahendran
Composite Steel-Concrete Construction for New Zealand
Chunhaviriyakul, MacRae, Anderson, Clifton & Leon
Concentric Braced Frames with AFC Connections - A Designers' View
Leslie, Gledhill & Moghaddassi
Covering the Field - Design and Construction of Forsyth Barr Stadium Roof
Design of Integral Steel Ladder Deck Bridges in New Zealand - A Case Study of Gilchrist Street Bridge
Idel, Wiles & Chin
Design of LSF Wall Studs Under Fire Conditions
Gunalan & Mahendran
Design of Replaceable-Link Eccentric Braced Frames in Post-Earthquake Christchurch
Ramsay, Fussell & Wilkinson
Design of the Linked Column Frame Structural System - A New Zealand Application
Fussell, Dusicka, Clifton & Wong
Experimental Tests of Internal Composite Steel Frames Against Progressive Collapse
Yang & Tan
Fire Performance of LSF Walls Made of Hollow Flange Section Studs
Kesawan & Mahendran
Footfall Induced Vibration in Long Space Composite Steel Beams Used in Two Projects at the University of Auckland
Patel & Built
Harbour City Centre Wellington - Seismic Strengthening
Thornton, Davies & Cattanach
Hysteresis Characteristics of Circular Pipe Steel Damper Using LYP225
Abebe, Kim & Choi
Innovative Use of Buckling Restrained Braces at the University of Auckland 
Beazley & Built
Kaituna River Bridge - Tauranga Eastern Link - Composite steel bridge design case study
Edwards Rajasingh Lipscombe
Kilmore Street Medical Centre - Application of a Post-Tensioned Steel Rocking System
Latham, Reay & Pampanin
Low Damage Design of Steel Structures
MacRae & Clifton
Manukau Institute of Technology Building Case Study
New Coatings Technology
New Insights into Steel Building Performance from the Christchurch Natural Laboratory
Clifton & MacRae
Performance, Damage Assessment and Repair of a Multistorey Eccentrically Braced Framed Building Following the Christchurch Earthquake Series
Gardiner, Clifton & MacRae
Product Conformity and Conformity Assessment to get the Steel Specified
Ng, Syam & Taylor
Recent Research on Two Low Damage Dampers Applicable to Steel Framing Systems
Chanchi, MacRae, Chase, Scott, Rodgers & Clifton
Robustness Considerations in Composite Design
Rocking Structure Design Considerations
MacRae & Clifton
Seismic Behaviour of Concrete-Filled Steel Sandwich Walls and Concrete-Filled Steel Tube Columns
Bruneau, Alzeni & Fouche
Seismic Design of Composite Metal Deck and Concrete-Filled Diaphragms - A Discussion Paper
Cowie, Hicks, MacRae, Clifton & Fussell
Seismic Structural Design with Jumbo Size Cold Formed Hollow Structural Section Column
Self-Centering Steel Plate Shear Walls
Shear Performance of Steel Fibre-Reinforced Concrete
Khanlou, MacRae, Scott, Hicks & Clifton
Slab Column Interaction - Significant or Not
Hobbs, MacRae, Bull, Gunasekaran, Leon & Clifton
Stainless Steel in Bridges - A Discussion
El Sarraf, Mandeno & Xia
Steel Moment Frames with Sliding Hinge Joints - Lessons Learnt During Implementation
Gledhill, Sidwell, Khoo & Clifton
The Behaviour of Ceiling With Steel Furring During Earthquake
Motoyui & Sato
The New Joint Bridge Design Standard on Steel and Composite Construction - AS NZS 5100.6
The Performance and Remnant Life of Structural Steel in an Earthquake Damaged Building
Ferguson, Nashid, Clifton, Kral, Lopert & MacRae
Thermal Metal Spray for Bridges - A New Zealand Perspective
Weathering Steel Railway Bridges in New Zealand
Mulqueen & Grave
Weld Design Consideration for Bridge Girders - Weld Type, Quality and Cost
Karpenko, McClintock & Niedermayer
Westgate Footbridge, Auckland
McNeil & de Lautour

Submitting authors who decline, will not have their abstract or paper(s) featured on any archival site. Inclusion of papers in the archive does not constitute publication. It is merely a distribution of a conference paper.

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